2. Self-directed programme

This includes:

  • My online book LEADERS DON’T RETIRE – an introduction to creating the life you want when you finish full-time work
  • A series of videos that will help you approach this important transition with the right mindset and obtain the insights, tools and answers you need
  • A personal online Birkman Method® assessment to help you understand yourself better – gain clarity on what kind of future will bring you most satisfaction and why that’s the case
Nichris People - Future Life Discovery Workbook cover

Discovery Workbook

  • Containing a series of exercises that will increase your self-knowledge and self-awareness, help you make more informed decisions and help you prepare a plan for your Future Life that perfectly matches your personality, situation and energy levels.
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Benefits of the self-directed option


Pace & privacy

Work at your own pace and location of your choice, and greater privacy than the Small Group Workshop


Your schedule

No time constraints so it fits with your schedule


Suiting you

You can discuss all aspects of the programme with your spouse/partner at any time that suits you


Packed with content

Cover the same content as in the Small Group Workshop but without the presentations, discussions and group work



Further support and coaching is available (charged separately by your coach)



Unless you have other specific requirements, and provided you work through the programme diligently, it will provide all the elements necessary to enable you to create a personalised plan for a happy and successful future