About You

I’m guessing you are feeling a bit restless.  Looking forward to a few years of “free time”. Yet conscious they’re not free at all – you’ve earned them!  Eager to shed some work responsibilities but unsure how to make the most of these precious new possibilities.

The transition involves some decisions.  Campervan or boat?  Non-exec or research the family history?  More time with the grandchildren or move to France?  Machu Picchu or Le Mans?  Hike the South West Coast path or become a volunteer?  Write that book or get an allotment?

Decisions don’t bother you.  Normally.  Because you usually have sufficient information to make the right path clear.  But these decisions, about how to get the most out of the time you have ahead, involve so many unknowns.  Not just about how long you’ve got, and how the world is likely to change, but about YOU – your unique personality, your emotional needs, your sense of self, your personal values, your energy levels and your situation.  And what about the significant others in your life – they add a host of other unknowns to the equation and you’ll soon be spending a lot more time with them!

Until you really understand yourself, and your closest family, you can’t possibly be sure of what kind of future will prove most enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling.  And yet every day you hesitate is a day wasted….hence that restless feeling!

Make your future years your best years.

Three ways to find your perfect future life

Everything we do is based on the premise that everyone is different – so we understand that each of us has an individual learning style.  We therefore offer a choice of three services to suit your particular preference.

Self-directed Programme

For those that like the freedom to work on their own at their own pace and at a time and place of their own choosing.

Small Group Workshops

For those who like to share ideas, enjoy the support of a group and want to spend a day in a fantastic country house location designing their own future life without distractions.

Individual Coaching / Workshops

For those that want an individually tailored programme that’s exclusively focused on their needs and situation.  A premium experience that provides individual support and attention.

Try a taster

The Power of Play e-book

These enjoyable exercises will help you envision your perfect future life by revisiting the fun in your past life – how you once loved to play is a great guide to where you’ll find most fun and fulfilment going forward.

It’s all about you

David Pinchard

I don’t think that I will ever “retire” in the traditional sense.


For me Future Life is not all about money but helping others to achieve the best that they can be, enjoying a variety of activities that ‘make a difference’. Fundamentally this is ‘lifetime learning’, and ‘passing it on’.


I have enjoyed working with Chris. His programmes are insightful, well balanced and effective.