About Us

I’ve reached a point in my life where I understand what brings me most satisfaction.  It’s helping people make the transition from full time employment to full time enjoyment.  But I’ve been around the block a few times to get there!

After gaining a geography degree I developed an interest in law.  Once qualified as a solicitor I began to hanker after a career in business and a life of travel.  I became a company director leading large international projects for the likes of GKN, Siemens and Plessey – with no shortage of pressure and stress.  9/11 gave me the opportunity to take a step sideways into consultancy and interim management – over 20 short term contract roles with Accenture, Serco, the NHS and the MOD, to name but a few.  I enjoyed tackling a variety of big strategic challenges but still felt something was missing.

A chance encounter at a children’s party magic show in 2007 introduced me to the Birkman Method® personality assessment tool.  I thought I knew myself pretty well by now – but discovered you can live your whole life with someone without actually understanding them!

Since then, alongside my interim and consultancy work, I’ve been helping people gain the personal awareness that enables them to move from one stage of life to the next with confidence in their step.   In many ways the transition at the end of your career is the one where there’s least help and support so I’ve been increasingly focused on this area – not helping people retire in the traditional sense but giving them the self-knowledge and energy to acquire a whole new lease of life!

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Three ways to find your perfect future life

Everything we do is based on the premise that everyone is different – so we understand that each of us has an individual learning style.  We therefore offer a choice of three services to suit your particular preference.

Self-directed Programme

For those that like the freedom to work on their own at their own pace and at a time and place of their own choosing.

Small Group Workshops

For those who like to share ideas, enjoy the support of a group and want to spend a day in a fantastic country house location designing their own future life without distractions.

Individual Coaching / Workshops

For those that want an individually tailored programme that’s exclusively focused on their needs and situation.  A premium experience that provides individual support and attention.

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The Power of Play e-book

These enjoyable exercises will help you envision your perfect future life by revisiting the fun in your past life – how you once loved to play is a great guide to where you’ll find most fun and fulfilment going forward.

It’s all about you

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Jim Fishing

Jim O’Connor

The approach Chris takes is very thorough, revealing and thought-provoking. 


I now feel much more confident that my half-formed plans for later life are actually pretty much in tune with my personality and energy levels.


I’m good at putting off decisions and his input has helped me take some big mental steps forward!