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It should be easy – so why am I finding it hard?

As your career starts to wind down a world of new opportunities opens up.  It’s exciting…but slightly scary.

Your job provides structure, routine and relationships, along with a sense of purpose and achievement.  It also underpins your self-esteem and partly defines who you are.  The money helps too!  Letting go of all this, even though it opens up some other attractive options, is bound to make you feel a bit insecure.  And you also have to think about your partner, and others close to you – what are their hopes and concerns?

You’ve probably watched friends or relatives make the transition.  And wondered why some have fared better than others.

It’s a matter of asking the right questions.

Most people focus on the what: what shall we do with our time and what can we afford?  

Others approach things differently.  They start by taking a step back and making the effort to understand themselves – their unique personality, likes, dislikes, hopes, fears, needs, values and situation.   Only when you know who you really are can you confidently pick the right options – it becomes obvious why some will prove more rewarding and appropriate than others.

So, focussing on “what”, before “who” and “why”, is asking for trouble!

Most people also overlook the issue of energy.  The ones who most successfully embrace the opportunities of their future life consider an important “how” question – “How best can I harness my personal energy to achieve what I want…then sustain it?” 

How we can help

We offer a range of tools, workshops and programmes to help you answer all those questions. To start with, we’ll help you figure out who you really are; your personality type and how you act; what you enjoy doing (and what you don’t); what you’d like to do more of in the future; who is important to you (and how those relationships can be enhanced); how your personal energy works (and how best to live your life to the full); what will give your life real purpose and meaning.

The process is inspiring, liberating and energising.  You’ll come out of it with a plan you can believe in and get really excited about – one you can trust because it’s not just based on thorough analysis and self-awareness but taps into your deepest needs, passions and aspirations.   Doubt and worry are replaced by confidence and peace of mind.  Because at last you have a clear picture of the ideal future life that’s absolutely right for you.  A life filled with choice, excitement, purpose, challenge, fun and variety.

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“Working with Nichris really clarified my plan for the future.”

Derek Tree

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Three ways to find your perfect future life

Everything we do is based on the premise that everyone is different – so we understand that each of us has an individual learning style.  We therefore offer a choice of three services to suit your particular preference.

Self-directed Programme

For those that like the freedom to work on their own at their own pace and at a time and place of their own choosing.

Small Group Workshops

For those who like to share ideas, enjoy the support of a group and want to spend a day in a fantastic country house location designing their own future life without distractions.

Individual Coaching / Workshops

For those that want an individually tailored programme that’s exclusively focused on their needs and situation.  A premium experience that provides individual support and attention.

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The Power of Play e-book

These enjoyable exercises will help you envision your perfect future life by revisiting the fun in your past life – how you once loved to play is a great guide to where you’ll find most fun and fulfilment going forward.

It’s all about you 

Derek Tree

Working with Nichris really clarified my plan for the future. It feels good to have made the right decision to cease full-time work within the next few months.


My wife and I have highlighted several activities we wish to develop, in addition to spending more time with close family.

Charles John

Having worked with Chris I now understand myself really well and am very confident about the clear picture and action plan that I have developed. 


I’ve always liked walking and used to equate energy with physical energy.


Now I understand much more about developing and using all my energies.

Richard Griffith

My initial meetings with Chris were challenging and eye opening. We reviewed my current mindset which highlighted that whilst all was superficially fine, I was facing a real dilemma on decision making. He captured this state as a “sweet shop mentality” – too many tempting options meant that I was struggling to prioritise and focus.


Chris helped me shape my future within timeframes – putting different activities into short-term and longer-term plans. This included working part time on an exciting new software start-up whilst incorporating skiing and a new hobby, water colour painting, into the mix.   


Many people looking to cease full time work will find it helpful to work with Nichris People.

Adrian & Ann Graves

Future Life Planning (FLP) is engaging, revealing – a process, not an event.  As a 24/7 couple with our own consulting practice we were familiar with the normal range of business and financial methodologies – strategic planning, positioning, growth, exit, succession.  However, these do not readily adapt to personal life – let alone looming retirement (what’s that?).


Chris Brown’s Future Life programme assisted us in identifying, evolving, negotiating, understanding, bringing together and working through our predictably slightly different views, hopes and ideas about what we want to do, when, where and how.


Definitely recommended.  Embrace it. It is a very beneficial, valuable and ongoing experience.